Styling your home – a blank canvas

A classic white on white kitchen is a timeless beauty that provides grandeur and workability. The appeal and flexibility of
a classic white kitchen never fades. You have the chance to add warmth, play with colour and/or add textures.

Understanding your space is one of most the important factors when styling your home.
It is as simple as taking into consideration your key pieces of furniture, flow, and lighting.

The perfect interiors always have the consideration for layers of lighting. These provide you with the 3 types of lighting that can be controlled at different times of the day or to suit your general mood. General lighting, Accent lighting, and Task lighting.

  • General lighting – adequate lighting that lights up a room evenly
  • Accent lighting – to emphasise features (art lighting, pendent lighting, etc)
  • Task Lighting – wall or reading lights, lamps on bedside tables, study lamps on desks.

Flow is how you will move around in your space, ensuring doors are easily accessible, the space feels open and that you’re avoiding crowding. Creating a centre piece/focal point such as a fireplace or a mantle in a kitchen can actually impact the human flow.

Having adequate seating for the entire family may mean mirroring couches or adding feature chairs.
Colour can vary in different lighting, so take samples along with you, especially when purchasing larger more expensive pieces.

These can be items such as cushions, pillowcases, paint colour or an item that replicates the colour of what you may be searching for.

For these reasons, buying local has massive positives, you have the ability to measure items, double check, or triple check, feel the textures and see the colours up close.

The no.1 item I believe everyone should buy is a tape measure. I always recommend clients purchase a tape measure to leave in the car, just in case they come across an item that may be the right piece of furniture or art for their house. Always measure, to ensure adequate spacing within the room before you commit to your purchase.